Servicing your Vehicle with TM Automotive

Pouring new oil into a recently serviced car

An annual service is a worthwhile investment as not only will your car be more roadworthy but it will also save you time and money by preventing the risk of costly repairs. All of our services work comes with a free vehicle inspection, allowing us to identify any repairs that might need doing to avoid your car failing its future MOT.

TM AUTOMOTIVE has been providing car servicing since its inception. We are able to offer major & minor services on all makes and models of cars and our standards of car servicing are of the highest level. As such, we are also able to service vehicles still within the manufacturer’s warranty period using genuine parts.

All of our mechanics are highly skilled and fully qualified to service and maintain all vehicles at a level you are hard pressed to find at other garages. This is due to our commitment to progress our staff with continuous training both in-house and at independent training centres.


Mechanic toolbox

No need for dealer servicing with TM Automotive

Why spend hundreds having your car serviced at a dealership when TM AUTOMOTIVE can provide you a high quality service, experienced and highly trained mechanics? We are also very competitively priced and our service will not void your warranty with the manufacturers. This is because block exemption legislation – which has been in force since October 2003 – gives you the right to take your car to TM AUTOMOTIVE and have it serviced without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. We service all vehicles to the manufacturers recommended specifications according to mileage and time intervals, or to other specified intervals according to the manufacturer’s warranty.


Car engine checkWhy should you have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals? There are many reasons including:

• A service will lower of cost of repairs in the future
• It will lower the risk of experiencing a breakdown
• You could potentially gain greater fuel economy
• It will increase the life expectancy of your vehicle
• During the service defects with the vehicle can be identified and so reduce dangerous component failures
• Some recovery services will offer you discounts on parts and labour if you have your car serviced regularly.


What does a service involve?

Testing the oil level is an important part of servicing the vehicle

Depending on the type of service you choose your car will receive the following services;
We will change the oil and the oil filter.
The coolant level will be checked as will the washer bottle, water level, clutch fluid (if applicable), brake fluid, and the auto transmission fluid.
The fan/alternator belt tension will be checked.
The condition of the wipers, their operation and condition of blades will be checked.
We also check the operation of the vehicle’s lights, indicators, horn etc.


Should you go for the major service, then we will carry out a check/adjustment of the brakes, additionally the spark plugs (Petrol) will be changed as will the air and fuel filters.