5 Reasons Why Regular Car Servicing is So Important

Making sure your car or vehicle is always safe to take to the road is so important.  It’s not just a case of making sure you and your passengers are safe, it’s making sure other road users are, too.  Regular car servicing, which should take place at least once a year or more, will ensure that you are in top shape to continue driving.  Ultimately, if you’re driving a car that’s simply not up to scratch, you could be risking your health, as well as the potential to be arrested – and a lot of cash spent in the bargain.


Here at TM Automotive, we know only too well just how important a regular service can be.  With that in mind, here are five good reasons why you should be servicing your car, and regularly.


You’ll Find Potential Dangers


It’s not always easy to tell when your car’s suffering.  While you might feel the odd knock or shift in the way it manoeuvres, there may also be a few problems lurking beneath the surface – or at least the bonnet – which need attention right away.

With a regular service, your car will be checked over and inspected by trained professionals.  They know exactly what to look for in terms of potential problems and dangers.  With TM Automotive, you also get assurance that we will only ever make recommendations you could stand to benefit from.

You’ll Save Money if You Need to Be Rescued

If you pay out for regular breakdown cover – which you really should be doing – you might actually get a big reduction in the fees you pay if you service your car regularly.  By getting car servicing, you’re lowering the chance of your car ever needing to be rescued or attended to by the roadside.  That means some companies will feel confident enough to let you lower your premiums.  Not all carriers do this, but it’s worth bearing in mind.  Check with your breakdown carrier for more details.


There Will Be Less Chance of You Breaking Down

This is a pretty obvious point to make, but it bears saying.  By getting your car serviced, you’re making sure a professional fine-tunes your vehicle.  This means it will likely have less chance of breaking down in the near future.  A car specialist or mechanic will be able to spot problem areas or those in need of a little TLC.  There may not be any problems at present, but what a service will do is prepare your car so that none will arise in the near future.  Prevention is better than a cure.


You’ll Save Money on Fixing Your Car

From a financial perspective, car servicing makes perfect sense.  Fixing your car in the event of a breakdown, no matter how small a part may be, can be costly.  That’s even when you take into account insurance coverage, and whether or not you’ve paid an excess fee.  Servicing your car, and making sure it’s safe to drive, will lower the chance of a fix being needed, and thus, any potential costs.


You’re Extending the Car’s Lifespan

Lastly, let’s quickly consider this.  The more a car is left to fall into disrepair, the quicker it is heading towards the scrapyard.  Therefore, regular servicing will ensure you get as much out of your vehicle as possible.  Car servicing could make all the difference when it comes to future mileage.


If you’re considering car servicing and would like to book in with a professional, local firm, call TM Automotive today on 0114 258 6663– or email us at your convenience.