Vehicle Diagnostics

When a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, this indicates that a sensor within your vehicle has detected a fault. Whether this is a mechanical failure or an electrical one, a diagnostic test can identify where the fault is and allow us to correct it.

The diagnostic process we at TM Automotive go through begins with a fault code scan. This scan brings up vehicle specific codes that provide us with a reference point for further testing. The second point in the process is to identify whether the sensor that identified the fault is reading the data correctly. For this we can use a host of equipment, from engine timing and compression testing equipment to oscilloscope tests that look at the wave forms of individual sensors, similar to a heart rate monitor.

From our well-equipped premises, we offer our customers access to the latest diagnostic equipment which enables us to accurately diagnose faults on any make and model of vehicle. We also have the ability to create fault reports allowing you to see the faults that are causing issues currently and faults that could potentially cause issues in the future providing you with ample time for warning.

Once our diagnostic process has been completed and we have identified the root cause of the fault, we will contact you to explain our findings. This will allow us to explain the fault to you and go through any repair options for you to choose from. From there we use only the highest quality aftermarket parts to carry out the repair to ensure your vehicle stays in great working order.


For more information about diagnostic testing please contact the Team on 0114 2586663.