TM Automotive Accreditations and the “Trust my Garage Scheme”

“We are proud to be members of The Trust My Garage Scheme, which is part of the Independent Garage Association and the RMI, one of Britain’s longest running motor trading organisations. It aims to find and single out the best local garages in the country and showcase them for the quality service they provide, including experience, customer care and professionalism.

More about The Scheme

The Trust My Garage Scheme visits and checks its member’s garages regularly to ensure they set a good standard for the industry and act as true professionals. Because we are part of the scheme this means that our garage has been proven by high authority figures in the industry to reassure all our valued customers that we provide a quality service.
Being part of the scheme means we have to abide by the promises that allow us to be recognised as a reputable “Trust My Garage” centre.

These values include:

  • Providing our customers with fixed pricing for the task completed. Inclusive of parts, labour and VAT.
  • We only charge for parts fitted and labour given, so you know that you are getting the best deal from us.
  • We allow customers to follow their vehicle service record.
  • We aim to work to the highest standard possible and aim to build on our already recognised standard of excellence. This is continually monitored by the scheme regulators and the RMI.
  • We will always treat our customers with respect, along with their vehicles.
  • At TM Automotive we use the latest techniques and tools when completing work for you.
  • We are always aware that to be the best we can be, we must comply with industry standard rules and regulations, we have practices in place that enable us to do this.

By being compliant with all these elements of the Trust My Garage Scheme oath, we can assure you of being able to provide the quality service that you deserve at a fair price.”

Go to the Trust my Garage Website.